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Derivative Calculator

Derivative Calculator

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Definition of Derivative Calculator

In calculus, there are two major concepts i.e. integration and differentiation. Differentiation is the inverse of integration. Like integration, calculation of derivatives are technical and requires proper consideration and focus.

Derivative calculator is an online tool which provides a complete solution of differentiation. The differentiation calculator helps someone to calculate derivatives on run time with few clicks.

Derivative calculator provides useful results in the form of steps which helps users and specifically the students to learn this concept in detail.

For calculating derivatives in term of x and y, use implicit differentiation calculator with steps.

Formulas used by Derivative Calculator

The derivatives of inverse functions calculator uses the below mentioned formula to find derivatives of a function. The derivative formula is:

$$ \frac{dy}{dx} = \lim\limits_{Δx \to 0} \frac{f(x+Δx) - f(x)}{Δx} $$

Apart from the standard derivative formula, there are many other formulas through which you can find derivatives of a function. These calculations formulas are:

$$ \frac{d}{dx}(Sin x) = Cos x $$ $$ \frac{d}{dx}(Cos x) = -Sin x $$ $$ \frac{d}{dx}(tan x) = Sec^2 x $$ $$ \frac{d}{dx}(Csx x) = -Csc x Cot x $$ $$ \frac{d}{dx}(Sec x) = Sec x Tan x $$ $$ \frac{d}{dx}(Cot x) = -Csc^2 x $$

Derivative rules used by Differentiation Calculator

With derivative, we can find the slope of a function at any given point. The differentiation rules are used for computing the derivative of a function. The most important differentiation rules are:

  • Derivative of Constant:
  • $$ \frac{d}{dx}(constant) = 0 $$
  • Power Rule:
  • $$ \frac{d}{dx}(x^n)=n x^{n-1} $$
  • Constant Multiple Rule:
  • $$ \frac{d}{dx}[cf(x)] = c. \frac{d}{dx}f(x) $$

    Here, c = Real number

  • Sum and Difference Rule:
  • $$ \frac{d}{dx} (f(x) \pm g(x)) = \frac{d}{dx}f(x) \pm \frac{d}{dx}g(x) $$
  • Product rule:
  • $$ \frac{d}{dx}[f(x) \cdot g(x)] = f(x) \frac{d}{dx}[g(x)] + g(x) \frac{d}{dx}[f(x)] $$


    $$ \frac{d}{dx}[f(x) \cdot g(x)] = f(x)g'(x) + g(x)f'(x) $$
  • Quotient Rule:
  • $$ \frac{d}{dx} \left[ \frac{f(x)}{g(x)} \right] = \frac{g(x)\frac{d}{dx}[f(x)]−f(x) \frac{d}{dx}[g(x)]}{[g(x)]^2} $$

This website provides a complete solution to differentiation and all the calculations regarding derivatives. Find second partial derivative calculator and derivative of vector calculator on this website to further strengthen your concepts regarding differentiation.

How does a Derivative Calculator work?

Derivative calculator is an online tool which uses derivative formulas and rules to compute accurate results. The differentiate calculator lets users provide input in the form of an equation.

The derivative calculator then solves that equation while using different derivative rules or formulas. If you further want to calculate, use second derivative calculator with steps.

How to find a Derivative Calculator?

It is not difficult to find an online derivative calculator. You can either type the full url of this differentiation calculator on your search engine or you can search on Google with its name. You can search on google with “derivative calculator” or “inverse derivative calculator” and you’ll find our latest and accurate online tool.

How to use Derivative Calculator with steps?

Our differentiate calculator is very easy to operate as you need to follow the below mentioned procedure as:

  1. Write your equation in the first input or load any equation by clicking on the button.
  2. Select the variable you want to differentiate.
  3. Select how many times you want to differentiate.
  4. Click on the “CALCULATE” button.

Immediately after clicking on the calculate button, our differentiation calculator will solve your equation and provide detailed results. These results help you understand and learn the concept by practicing on run time.

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